Episode 3: Canceled

Yesterday, several shows got the bad news that they were axed. I watched Agent Carter but never made it to the second season, so that kind of sucks. I watched Castle because of lingering adoration of Nathan Fillion from Firefly, but stopped after a few years. The show that really kills me this time around is The Grinder.

I had no intention of watching The Grinder, but I was on Twitter one day and saw Mike Schur (under his Twitter name Ken Tremendous) make a comment about Grinder reaching the level of performance art, and with his credentials on The Office and Parks & Rec, I felt I owed it to myself to check it out. What I found was a comedy that is unlike any other I’ve seen so far – it had a level of meta that was beyond Community, even.

It is available on Hulu, and I recommend it tremendously. I wouldn’t have thought that Rob Lowe and Fred Savage would work as brothers, but they did. The show didn’t have a long enough run to make best use of Mary Elizabeth Ellis, but she was fantastic in what she did on the show. The kids were great, even. It also had one of my favorite actresses, Natalie Morales, who I first encountered on the ABC Family show The Middleman. BTW, if you have never watched The Middleman, you should. It was a show that I resisted because ABC Family advertising was so overbearing, but I was home one summer evening all by myself and decided to try it out, and it was awesome.

Adieu, canceled shows. May those of you with the appropriate number of episodes enjoy syndication payments; may those of you who haven’t hit that number find the vehicle that will get you there in the near future.



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