Jane the Virgin

This is a post I did not plan to write, but I am right now watching the last episode of season 2 of Jane the Virgin. The wedding! Michael saying his vows in Spanish! So sweet! I don’t care so much about Bruno Mars, I was hoping for Charo. I’m still waiting for something terrible to happen to Michael, although I’m guessing they won’t kill him so they can keep the love triangle going.

ETA: Damn. Damn! Maybe I was wrong. That looked like a kill shot, for sure! I didn’t like Michael at first, but I grew to care about him. Maybe Rogelio’s love for Michael made me see him in a different light. Don’t kill Michael, show!

I was not planning to watch this show, ever, but I’m so glad I did. Gina Rodriguez is a firecracker, wonderful actress. I love the relationship between the Villanueva women. And Rogelio is my favorite character on TV right now (except possibly Rebecca and Paula on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).


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