Watching: L.A. Complex

When I was a teenager, everyone I knew watched soap operas. I was resistant. I was pretty high brow and pretentious as a teenager, so I liked to *not* do/watch/read/listen to what everyone else was doing/watching/reading/listening to.

When my first daughter was born, I often had stretches of time where she was nursing or sleeping and I had nothing to do…well, that’s not true, I had plenty to do, it was just all boring and unpleasant tasks, like laundry and vacuuming and dusting and washing dishes. So I would turn the TV and got trapped in the world of soap operas, specifically, Another World and Santa Barbara. Cass and Frankie! Julia and Mason! I got sucked in.

Obviously, I am no longer high brow or pretentious (most of the time – I do love a challenging piece of literary fiction every now and then), and so I decided that after watching all of Dawson’s Creek (I’m sure I’ll write about that sometime #teamPacey), my next soapy show would be L.A. Complex.

L.A. Complex is about young hopefuls trying to make it in show business, sometimes by whatever means necessary (I’m talking to you, Alicia Lowe!) It is set in L.A. but it could not be more Canadian, and I am a lover of all things Canadian (anyone else watch every episode of Superstar? Radio Free Roscoe? The Grand Duchess of Canadian soap operas, Degrassi (in all its forms)?

Sidebar: Several episodes of L.A. Complex were co-executive produced by Stefan Brogran, (aka my favorite character from Degrassi High, aka Snake).

We meet our main cast: Abby is a singer/actress (or maybe actress/singer) who is young, in L.A. illegally, and having a rough time of it. Played by Cassie Steele of Degrassi: The Next Generation fame. Raquel is an actress who has had some success and is frequently recognized, but is struggling to keep building on a career that has slowed down. Nick is a wannabe stand-up comedian who is extremely terrible at stand-up comedy, but a sweet guy and he’s funny, he just hasn’t figured out how to do it on stage yet. Tariq is a musician/wannabe producer who is working as an intern with a powerful musical figure, Dynasty, and having a sexy affair with the extremely closeted and very angry/violent rapper, Kaldrick King. Conor is not Canadian, and has been cast as the lead on a medical drama, but clearly has some serious demons lurking under the surface since he seems determined to sabotage himself at every step. Alicia is a dancer, and a really good one, who is tired of working so hard and not getting booked, so she does what so many before her have done: porn.

Some great soap opera fodder here! And no one is ever sorry for hurting someone else, they can only be sorey. The show only lasted 2 short seasons, so I hope they wrap up some of the storylines by the end!

ETA: World’s collide! Was watching the first episode of season 2 of L.A. Complex and up pops Brett Dier, aka, Michael Cordero from Jane the Virgin! I love finding earlier roles of actors I like.


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