Things I Watched That No One I Know Remembers

I had a memory today of watching David Letterman in the mid-80s, and he had given a shoestring budget to a bunch of actors to make a movie. One of the beneficiaries of his not-quite-largess was (I think) Bette Midler, who made a movie called Laurie Has A Story, starring Laurie Metcalf – she was at a dinner party and had a story to tell. I remember it being great, and I immediately wanted to see more of Laurie Metcalf. Thankfully, Roseanne was looming in the wings. Did anyone else see that?

ETA: Sometimes I try to find some of these things on the internet and I am rebuffed, but I found it on YouTube, although it says it was on SNL, not David Letterman (strange how clearly I remember it being David Letterman!)  And perhaps it was Katherine O’Hara was the director, not Bette Midler. Perhaps I’m mixing up two different memories?


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