Lady Dynamite: Bisexual Because of Meth

I watched three more episodes of Lady Dynamite last night, and it keeps getting better. In episode 2 “Bisexual Because of Meth”, Maria is trying to figure out if she should trust her gut. It has led her astray in the past, such as the time she believed she was cured because of music therapy, and put together a band: The Bamdford Family Bamd (with Susan!) Turns out, her gut was wrong, oh so wrong, and she has a breakdown at their first show (props to whoever wrote Minnesota Rockin’, btw) She’s not cured, but she doesn’t want her illness to define her, either.

Against her better judgement but owing to her people pleasing temperament, Maria agrees to go on a date with Larissa’s friend, Shane, who is bisexual and a recovering meth addict. (My favorite part of this scene is Larissa – aka Lala – threatens to end her day by eating a peanut to pressure Maria to going on the date, and asks “isn’t that what everyone wants, for me to stop breathing!” and Dagmar says, with barely restrained wrath “YES”. Me too, Dagmar, me too.) Shane and Maria connect over their recovery and their desire to be seen as something other than their illness. Maria says decisively that she will not go home with Shane that night, but as she reconsiders how her gut has led her astray, she decides to trust her gut after all. After all, her gut told her to not go on this date, but she had such a great time!

Maria gets to Shane’s house and he’s getting blown by the waiter from the restaurant (Asceriascene). Maria throws the waiter out she’s about to take over for the waiter when Shane’s boyfriend, Gabriel, comes in. Shane explains that he’s BIsexual and that Maria is his woman relationship, but that’s not how any of this works, of course.

Maria realizes that while her gut steers her wrong sometimes, she can’t trust other people to make decisions for her, either. Of course, this is after she miffs a job by taking Bruce Ben Bacharach’s advice to ad lib, and he even negotiates for her to keep working for the rest of the day after she’s fired (what a gem); and after she agrees to do a strangely violent commercial for a Japanese product, Pussy Noodles.


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