So You Think You Can Dance

The language of dance speaks to me in a way that I cannot articulate in words. I also cannot articulate it in dance, because all my dancing resembles Elaine Benes’ dancing, only a little less loose, a little more “it hurts to move my joints”. (This does not stop me from dancing, particularly since my dancing embarrasses my daughters. I consider myself to be strongest at seated dancing while behind the wheel of a car, which is a style of dance that has never been covered on SYTCD).

I started watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) in season 2, and I was hooked, but good. Legitimate dancers dancing to choreography choreographed by legitimate choreographers! (That was totally a Pushing Daisies sentence, btw). Some seasons were better than others, and about season 5 I started skipping over the “jidges” critiques because I was making up my own mind about what was good and what wasn’t.

I can see from the promos that the kids involved in the upcoming seasons of SYTYCD are great, but I’m not too excited about it. First of all, I cannot stop thinking about all the young dancers who have been watching SYTYCD since they were little, who are not going to get to audition to be on the show this year. I feel so badly for them! Secondly, I’m concerned about Nigel being inappropriate or too harsh on the young children participating. I’m worried about he quality of choreography when the stories the choreographers can tell are limited by the age of the participants. I also hate seeing small children doing sexy Latin ballroom dancing, it’s weird and makes me uncomfortable. So I’m not sure I’m going to watch, but I probably will because dance just speaks to me*.

*I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, though. I’m not sure if my stubborn desire to only love shows that are not popular is behind this, but…meh.


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