Gilmore Box

This is not about Gilmore Girls. Last night, I discovered Gilmore Box, a YouTube channel that is focused on opening credits of forgotten TV shows. I got sucked into the wormhole for about 45 minutes last night, watching 18 minute long videos with a series of terrible, terrible opening credits, which seemed wholly appropriate for the terrible, terrible TV shows they represented (although Angie was included in there, and that was an okay sitcom, not terrible at all).

Check it out and see if it brings back any memories, painful or otherwise. I did see apparent show killer David Naughton, a native of Connecticut, in several of these failed shows, including Makin’ It, a thinly veiled rehash of Saturday Night Fever in sitcom form.

I found The Cavanaughs on there – that was another one I watched. It was about an Irish family, like mine, but with less alcoholism.


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