Joanna Cassidy

I first remember seeing Joanna Cassidy on an episode of Taxi – I remember thinking she was really good for a one off character, I suspect that they were writing her as if she would be a love interest for Alex, but it didn’t happen that way.

The next time I saw her was in Blade Runner – a replicant in a see-through rain coat. Then there she was as the dame in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

It’s interesting that a beautiful, viavacious and talented actress has been more successful, in many ways, as an older woman than when she was young. A quick glance at her IMDB shows the life of a working actress who never hit it quite as big as she should have – but she’s been working steadily¬† – at least one project every year since 1968. She’s a memorable presence in the projects I’ve seen her in. As the brassy, narcissistic Margaret Chenoweth on Six Feet Under, I love when she cackles with a maniacal glee as she destroys the boundaries that should exist between a parent and child.

I just saw her this week in an episode of Lady Dynamite, as Bruce Ben Bacharach’s ex-wife who is clearly well over her marriage to Bruce as she enjoys the carnal pleasures of a much younger man. I think it’s kind of amazing that a woman who is 71 is still getting cast as a sexual character. I think she rocks.


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