KoolMoG talks books

Well, book, anyway. I used to be a voracious reader – I read everything from Ulysses to cereal boxes – but I have slowed down on reading books as the pace of my life has gotten faster. But I have been missing books, the special immersive world you enter when you read a story, and picture it in your head as YOU see it and experience it. (Well, I picture it in my head, but maybe you don’t).

This week has been particularly beautiful, weather wise, so this weekend I decided I was going to read a book, and I’m happy to report that I finished it and enjoyed it immensely. The book in question was my husband’s copy of Sacre Bleu, signed by the author. You see, last winter, my now husband and I were standing in line after attending an evening with writer Christopher Moore. Christopher Moore has a special place in our relationship – when I was perusing profiles on Match.com after getting divorced and becoming lonely, I paid special attention to the “Books I Like” section. It was slightly horrifying how many men in my age bracket listed “I don’t read books” or “I haven’t read a book since high school” or “Dirt Rider magazine is all I need to read”. There were many men who only read non-fiction books, I can respect that, but I need a partner who reads and enjoys FICTION. Make believe is one of the most important things in my life, I need someone who shares that joy!

So I was delighted to find a man who not only had a meaningful list of of “Books I Like” listed, but a list that had a lot of crossover with my own favorite books. So I contacted him, and we got along smashingly, and so reader, I married him, but that’s a story for another time. This is the story of Christopher Moore and his special place in my marriage. In my sweetheart’s Match.com profile, he listed Christopher Moore as a favorite author. This tickled me, because Christopher Moore is one of my favorite authors, but also specializes in writing books that are funny, sexy and sometimes emotionally devastating, which is a combination I adore. I reached out to my sweetheart, who at the time was a stranger with good taste in books and more tattoos than anyone I knew personally, and the rest is history.

This brings me back to a couple of paragraphs ago, where we were standing in line after attending an evening with Christopher Moore at the Mark Twain House – we were in line to get his signature in a book. My sweetheart (MS) was carrying Sacre Bleu, which I hadn’t read yet, and I had Bloodsucking Fiends, which I had read. So I started reading Sacre Bleu while we were standing in line. I only got about a chapter in, because the line was moving quickly, and when we got to the front, MS handed Sacre Blue to Christopher, while I told Christopher Moore that he had a special place in our relationship because of the events I mentioned in the previous paragraph. I then gave him Bloodsucking Fiends to sign as I told Moore that we were now engaged. We thanked him and went on our merry way into the cold night. When we got in the car, we turned on the light to see what Moore had written in our books. In Sacre Bleu, he wrote: “MS (but his real name): To ART!”

In Bloodsucking Fiends, he wrote: To KMG (but my real name): “Congratulations! and it’s not my fault!”

P.S. Quick review of Sacre Bleu – firstly, it’s a damn beautiful hardcover book experience. Beautiful art scattered throughout. The story begins with Vincent Van Gogh’s death, and there is a lot of sorrow scattered throughout, but as usual, Moore hits me in the feels with his love story – you can’t help but root for the baker turned painter Lucien and his muse, Juliette. Well worth reading!


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