Lucky Louie

The following dialogue is the opening scene of the pilot episode of Lucky Louie, starting my former future husband Louis CK and Pamela Adlon. This conversation occurred between Louie and his daughter Lucy (played by Kelly Gould):

Poppa can I play outside?



Cause its 5 o clock in the morning, it’s too early


The sun hasn’t come up yet


Because the sun comes up later


Well, the earth goes around, and when it turns a certain amount, the sun shows on the horizon


I don’t know

Why?  Why don’t you know, poppa?

Because I didn’t pay attention in school, okay, I didn’t pay attention in class.


(see all will to live leave Louie’s body)

Because I was high all the time. I smoked too much pot.


I didn’t think it would matter


I just figured my life would come together on its own, but then I met your mom, you came along, so now I work at the muffler shop.


Well, it’s too late for me to pursue a career now, since your mom has a job with benefits, I stay home and I take care of you, because what I make is pretty much just a joke.


Well, the service economy replaced manufacturing, there’s no real jobs in America anymore.


We had good jobs for a while, but it was just because we were luck and now we’re unlucky.


It’s just the way it goes.


Because God is dead and we’re alone.

(Long pause)


I’m only on the 2nd episode, but I was hooked right from the get-go.




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