So You Think You Can Dance: TNG

I wasn’t going to watch this show. I’m a huge fan of the classic version (by which I mean before teams and all-stars), and I certainly didn’t want to see Creepy Uncle Nigel being creepy or mean to little kids. But I came home from work this afternoon, and I saw it in my queue, and I decided to check it out.

First episode is an audition episode in LA. I’m on the 3rd audition of episode 1 and I’ve been crying pretty much from the first little dancer, Merrick, an animator style hip hop dancer from Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA. Second was…damn, I can’t remember the girl’s name, a ballet dancer. They were both amazing, considering their ages (I want to say 11?). These are not baby dancers, these are some serious, legit dancers.

(I can’t help but think about the future injuries that kids who have such dance expertise at a young age will be facing, but I’ll try to put it out of my mind….I’m guessing some hips may need to be replaced at an earlier than average age, and possibly some future sufferers of Ehlers Danos are up there on stage).

First three auditioners have made it into the dance academy. I’m hoping we only see the successful kids, I don’t want to see sad kids!

Saw a montage of sad kids. booo!

Now watching Lev and Sophia. She is too young to audition, but this kid is made to be in the spotlight. They are doing ballroom, he is quite good. This is one of the blondest children I have ever seen. If his eyes were glowing blue I would run away. Derulo, a little person is a person with dwarfism, not a child. Lev’s mom is adorable and reminds me of Tracey Ullman. I am slightly weirded out by kids doing ballroom.

Now we have a contemporary dancer, Ava, who is 13 years old and is 5’10”. It’s hard to be a very tall dancer, just like gymnastics, it takes more time to move those limbs around.  She’s a lovely dancer, though.

We get some little snippets of some contemporary dancers who look pretty spectacular, and they all make it in. A pretty great tapper with some attitude to her parents. Now, we have a ballroom couple who are not so great who have asked for a second chance. The young woman is stunning and is pretty good, but not great, and the boy is only okay (although I guess his body has gone through a lot of changes since he’s lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks or something!). They ask for a second chance. Stella is the young woman and the second chance really showed off her ability. She’s going through, he’s not. Oh, no, they’ve changed their minds, they are both going on to the dance academy.

Previews for Chicago – someone pukes on Paula! Maybe not the first time? Maybe Paula has puked on Paula? I’m sorry, that was mean, I love you Paula Abdul, you ARE the tiny dancer!




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