SYTYCD: TNG Chicago Auditions

Random thoughts on the Chicago auditions.

Tiny ten year old J.T. wows the judges in his jazz routine. He clearly is enjoying himself.

Tahani, 12, hip hop talking about facials, by which she means expressions, not what filthy minded people might be thinking (which I wouldn’t have thought of if I wasn’t at least moderately dirty minded). She is also a neat freak and ITA with her regarding eating in your bedroom. Eating in your bedroom is like sending an engraved invitation to bugs, people.  She is super expressive, maybe a little too much. But good basic dance skills, pretty nice pirouette, really good flips. OMG Tahani is the one who vomited on Paula. Only she calls vomit happiness. It’s not.

Both J.T. and Tahani are going to the Dance Academy. One assumes that the Dance Academy will not keep the children up all night to choreograph a team dance, which I think is a stupid thing to do with the adult dancers, anyway. I went to an arts camp one year, and the dancers had a bedtime of 9pm and they had to have breakfast every day, too.

The whitest b-boy on the planet is named Distraction. And he also looks like Lev, the little ballroom dancer from episode 1. I am now hoping they both end up cast and no one can tell them apart.

There are some talking heads where the kids are asked what super-power they would want. One young man would like to fart and make people sleep. I’m not sure if he means he wants his farts to have the power to make people fall asleep, or if somehow he’s unable to fart and he has all this gas bottled up that he would like to put out into the world, and also make people fall asleep.

Emma’s mom is a dance teacher and she looks pretty good in the intro although I seriously hate her costume. She’s dancing to Cold Hearted Snake. This girl is pretty damn good. Her tapping is clear and fast, her turns are centered. Good rhythms. Mom is crying (I would be, too).

Tia is a 12 year old ballerina. Her parents – grandparents and great-grandparents are (were?) all dancers. Mom is gorgeous. Principal dancer from Joffrey is there. Way to make her nervous before she dances, Nigel. She is energetic, nice extensions I think her ankles are a little weak, though. She’s a beautiful young woman. Fabrice from Joffrey (who is kind of dreamy) loved her. She’s in for the Dance Academy

Leana is ballroom. Her partner is her teacher, and too old for TNG because he’s like 40. I think youth shows the most on the ballroom dancers, but she looks pretty good, good flick kicks and spins, pretty good footwork.

I like Alex Walton. Dude’s got guns! He is a farmer, which explains that. Also, he’s a New Englander, so he’s my top choice now. Represent New England! He said if he won he would rent a party room for his whole studio. Cat Deely asked if girls would be there, he’s like, duh, have you never been to dance studio? He’s starts off with a jazzy song and sort of a hip-hop-jazz fusion, but then transitions to just hip hop. He’s strong, he needs to learn some more moves but he was really good, has good basic skills. He’s going to the Dance Academy.

Ainslee is teeny tiny 8 year old. She brought her stage mom and her mom. She does all styles of dance, but not dancing with boys. NO boyfriend. WTF with this line of questioning, Nigel. Gross. She strikes me as an indulged child. She’s cute enough, flexible, she’s dancing to the K-Pop song done by Mark and Jenna from Season Can’t Remember the Number. I’m taken aback by the girl’s lack of neck. She’s not moving forward, which leads to a montage of “no’s.

Sidebar: Mark and Jenna danced to the K-Pop song I am the best in Season 10. Here is a link to a Youtube video of the dance, which was choreographed by Mark, and which I love:

In commercials, steel continues to be stronger than aluminum.

When we come back, Diana is ready to take over Cat’s job. Or maybe Obama’s. She’s kind of different than the usual lyrical, there’s a lot of stillness in her routine. It’s good, and she’s strong. I could see her on a Sonya Tayeh routine. She’s 10? Holy shit! I am upgrading her now.  She’s moving on to the Dance Academy.

Oh, Taco Bell, Making steak is not hard.

Daniela is the last dancer of the day. Her mother was the first Cuban to win a world ballroom championship.Just from her starting pose she is better than all the other ballroom kids we’ve seen so far. Really nice bachacadas (I’m not sure how to spell that)! She did well and she knows it! Her mom has still got it, too.

That’s all for Chicago – one more audition episode to go.


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