Books I Read This Weekend

I have been a lazy, lazy reader this year. I’ve only read a few books this year, but I managed to squeeze in two this weekend, Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore and Dead-eye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut.

Christopher Moore has a bit of a formula going: there’s a (mostly) well-intentioned¬† and reluctant hero, a manic pixie dream girl type, supernatural bad guys armed (usually) with magic and sometimes guns. There is usually an impressive and unusual person who comes to the aid of the hero just when he needs it. There is a trickster or fool who both causes and solves problems. There is a fair amount of sex, or at least desire for sex. The stakes are high – he will kill characters you care about, although sometimes they’ll come back. The settings vary, but are well researched and vivid. It’s a formula, but it works and I love it, especially because he can make me laugh and make me cry. Coyote Blue is a lesser Moore, but still has the elements to be an enjoyable read.

I have to think more about Dead-eye Dick before I can offer a full review.


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