SYTYCD: New York Auditions

Cat Deely loses an arm wrestling match.

Two kind of tough looking liittle NYC boys do hip hop, with a Magic Mike themed dance, naturally. Their mother (or the mother of one of them) strikes me as cray. They are kinda cute. I’m not sure if they have enough moves but they are very entertaining.  I can’t catch their names – Jake and RJ? Arjan? Not sure. They are going to to the Dance Academy

Next we meet Ruby, she has grown up in a dance studio. She’s doing Latin ballroom. Her dad is her teacher and she loves dancing – and she’s the US Jr. Champion in Latin ballroom. She’s doing a solo, and she is exuding confidence and swagger. Her dad can barely contain himself – he’s dancing away while he sits down. Nigel is going to have her dad dance with her. Good lifts, they are adorable together. She’s obvs moving on.

Tate is 12 and from Canada. Her mother is her dance teacher, her father is a lawyer, her brother is a Canadian stereotype (hockey player). She goes to a strict ballet school – wow, she has a busy schedule! Dance all morning, academics in the afternoon, then contemporary/modern dance training. Her routine is a combination of modern/ballet. She’s really lovely, very mature for someone so young, she’s making me cry a little. Her face is great, she’s selling this. Terrific routine. Paula thinks she’s a gift from god. Nigel thinks the All Stars are going to be fighting over her. She’s in.

Montage of talented kids! We see some ballroomers, a gorgeous contemporary boy, hip hop girl. They are all moving fwd.

Valeryia and Alex will perform ballroom. They are really good, and it’s kind of cute choreo instead of sexy. They really look like they are having a great time, too. Nigel warns Alex about keeping his mouth open (good note, the kid was gaping!)

(commercial break)
Oh, jeez, Lethal Weapon as a TV show. And a series about a woman MLB pitcher! (end commercial break)

Unusual talents! Eyebrows, Rubiks cube speed solving, headspins while brushing teeth, on command burper.

We meet a 13 year old tap dancer, Lucas. He says girls love guys who can dance, and as a former girl, ITA. He likes tapping because he gets to be a musician with his feet. We have James Brown music He’s very good, and gets a standing O. Derulo didn’t think Lucas’ face was in the performance, although his taps are clean. Nigel thinks he’s one of the best tappers ever on SYTYCD, though he agrees with Jason re: Lucas’ face, but criticisms aside, Lucas is going to the Dance Academy.

Joshua and Liza. Liza is a character. She says Joshua saw her dancing and thought she was cute, so now he’s dancing with her and she says he no longer thinks she’s so cute. Joshua will buy a Lamborghini for his parents if they don’t force him to use it for college. They are very cute. Jason says Liza is not as good as some of the others they’ve seen – she’s certainly not as polished as some of the ones they’ve shown. She’s a cutie, though. She’s not going through but Josh is.

Kai is 12 and is a breakdancer. He dances with grown-ups, the Dynamic Rockers. He’s the youngest member. He wants to be a dancer, but he’s worried he won’t get paid well enough. He will not lend Cat money for shoes (wise move, my friend!) He brought his parents, sister and a couple of members of his crew. Super energetic, windmills, he’s cute. He seems so serious! Maybe it’s nerves. He does a little dance with his crew, the audience is loving it. Nigel says yes, Paula and Jason follow, he’s going to the Dance Academy.

Montage of great NYC hip hoppers.

(commercial break)
Emoji version of the old Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad. Get off my lawn, Pepsi emojis!

Merck, step back from the manipulation on the HPV vaccine! I had my daughters get vaccinated but damn, that is a hard ad campaign! (end commercial break)

JD is a dancer and a wrestler and a cutie. He is still freaking adorable when he makes a mean face. He crushes Cat.

Douglas, aka Dougie, gets a sweet pep talk from his mother. He used to attend an after school dance program, and one of the workers there made fun of him because he liked ballet – the director of the after school program fired that person. Mom said the director then put a picture up of Dougie dancing, and said it empowered him. He does jazz, he’s been in Kinky Boots and Motown! He’s sparkly and cute. He’s a good little mover and a showman. I’m not sure if he has the dance vocabulary – very club dancing kind of stuff. Oh, hey, Nigel says the same thing. He’s a little behind on the technique. I think they will put him through, though. And they do.

(commercial break)
Tim Tebow is now a TV show host. I suppose one day he’ll be a Republican candidate for president too, since they have such low standards. (end commercial break)

Olivia is 12, from Rochester. She is a snake in her dance, no story. She’s just a snake. She’s the final dancer. She’s very strong, very cool starting pose and I like her music. I like how her family are all watching her with their heads tilted down. She is controlled and super flexible. I don’t know why they let Jason talk  – he says it was like a painting. She’s going to the Dance Academy

Next week – dance academy begins!


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