Kool Mo G talks music

I believe I mentioned that there is a lot of shit happening in my life – mostly shit of the most awesome kind (new babies!), but some anxiety-inducing shit (awesome boss leaving), too. I’ve been spending a ton of time in the car, not watching TV or reading, but one of my recent trips was to Katonah, NY to see Ben Folds and yMusic. They are an ensemble of six instrumentalists who are not playing already existing repertoire, but creating their own sound.

I think this was my 4th or 5th time seeing Ben Folds with or without the Five. I first heard Ben Folds Five on the fictional show within a show on The Larry Sanders Show (also called The Larry Sanders Show), and was amused enough by the band name (Ben Folds Five but there are only three! Whut?) to buy their CD, Whatever and Ever, Amen, which I then fell in love with, and that was the start of our long and abiding relationship which Ben doesn’t know about.

I read that he would be performing at Caramoor, an estate in Katonah, and bought tickets for me, my husband, my daughter who does not have and aims to never have babies (as opposed to the one who just had two babies at once) and my sister.

Caramoor is a beautiful venue – gorgeous gardens and moorish inspired mansion-y types of buildings. The concert was held in the Venetian Theater, which was lovely. yMusic took the stage first with a lively little introductory piece before Ben joined them.

The concert was fantastic. The arrangements of Ben Folds avec Five et sans Five for the violins, cello, woodwinds, brass and percussion were fabulous and exciting. This was the chattiest Ben I’ve ever seen, he had a story for nearly every song. Gracie Folds, the subject of the song Gracie, came on during intermission to sing a song she wrote, and it was delightful – she shares her father’s ability to merge charming lyrics (“She came from a fake butter family” was my fave) with a lovely tune. As expected, the audience request for “Rock This Bitch” (which happens at every concert. Every. Concert.) led to an improvised song that was better then it had any right to be.

But the audience. Oh, man. This was the WORST audience I’ve ever been in, and I used to go to punk shows where we voluntarily slammed ourselves into other people. I think it was mainly due to a perk of the Caramoor, which is that you can bring your own food and beverage – I think I led to greater drunkenness than if you had to pay for a $9 beer. They were obnoxious, though, especially when Ben took a break and yMusic kept playing. Terrible and offensive and disrespectful, to the performers and to the few of us who apparently wanted to hear the performers we bought tickets to hear.

(Speaking of food at Caramoor – the Katchkie Food Truck was there and I got a Farmer’s Salad, which was fantastic.) Look at this beautiful bowl of veggies:


My husband bought both CDs that were available at the merch table, and things have been so busy I haven’t even been able to download them onto my computer, but I’m looking forward to listening to them!


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