You’re The Worst

One of the downfalls of freeing myself from cable is that I have to wait for some shows to be available through legal sources (because I’m a goody two shoes*). My sweetheart and I watched and enjoyed YTW season 1 but had to wait until August 1, 2016 to see season 2, while season 3 will start August 31 on FX(X?).

Like Seinfeld before it, You’re the Worst is about people who are, in fact, the worst (except Edgar, who is the best). Jimmy is a know-it-all misanthrope; Gretchen is a self-medicating depressed bitch; Lindsay is a manipulative bitch, and Edgar takes care of all these people while also suffering from PTSD.

What I love about this show is that it is tonally different from other comedies about terrible people – these people are flawed like real human beings are, they aren’t just cartoonish evil. Jimmy is terrified that he’s a one-hit wonder and is afraid to fail, so he prefers to not do anything. Gretchen is sharp, smart and funny but her mental illness is lurking in the background, rendering her incapable of making better choices. Lindsay is insecure and hates herself so much that she rejects those who love her and care about her.

We blew through the first four episodes of season 2 in one night. If we aren’t careful we’ll be through the season by Sunday, and then we’ll have to go back to reading books.

*Books like Goody Two-Shoes, perhaps, which is where the term comes from.


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