SYTYCD: TNG Top 10 and Elimination

Didn’t catch the song or artist, but it was something about nachos. Bollywood with the top 10 and all-stars. JT is a little bit of a star towards the end with a great tumbling sequence. It’s Bollywood, not as complex as some others we’ve had, just fun and fast moving. Choreo by Nakul Dev Mahaj, who would have guessed?


Cat wishes their director a happy bday and then intros the judges and I don’t really care about their opinions, so I’m just focused on how sparkly Cat is. Oh, wait, Twitch is sitting in for Derulo! I care again! Jordan and Ruby are teamed up. Ethnic jazz with choreo by Sean Cheeseman. He  says they are the breath of life. Jordan tells us the choreo is crazy, fast, requires strength, falling, and scary. They will need a lot of energy. Jordan’s stamina needs a break. The song is Breath Connect Us All Professor Trance and The Energizers.  Some Tayeh like poses in the choreo, not totally in sync but good power on display. Ruby seems to be completing the moves more fully than Jordan. Twitch: he loves the wardrobe, and the stamina stood up, looked dope. Nigel: congrats Cheeseman, love the outfits, he loves how Jordan’s personality is coming out, and says Ruby’s has already been out. Terrific. Paula impressed with the intricate isolated moves made with such power. Was not easy. Maddie: Amazing, so good, so so good YG are fun to watch. The ladies like their costumes.


The kids saw the new Ice Age, and they ask Sheaden what he thinks. He finds awkward silence funny. All the kids are going to tell bad jokes, I’m just going to skip those. Sheadan loves Scrat the most. He relates. Treasure by Bruno Mars comes on, and we see Marko and Shaeden. Nice little groove, good expression from Sheaden. It was a very short snippet, though!


Tate tells a bad joke. She likes people with personalities. Tate and Kathryn dance to Don’t Panic by Clarify. It’s contemp angst, but they have great synchronicity. And Tate doesn’t look so sad this time! Beautiful makeup for both of them.


JT and Emma w/Nappytabs. Willie Wonka themed hip hop. Maddie gives them good advice about layers. Emma is better than JT. He’s okay but not as hard hitting as the tiny tapper. It ends with JT yelling “Make it rain” and a bunch of colored balls (representing candy, I guess) falling from the sky. Cat wants to keep the sparkly top hat, and she should, because it totally goes with her sparkly outfit. Congrats to Nappytabs from NIgel, he also loved the lighting, and congrats to lighting director Bob who was nominated for an Emmy. I wonder if Lighting Director Bob has a last name, or if he’s like Cher, and doesn’t need one? Both dancers were out of their comfort zone (but I’m pretty sure Emma’s had more hip hop training than JT), Emma’s rhythm came across, but Nigel felt uncomfortable watching JT, he didn’t have the style down very well, but not to fret, it’s something he can work on. Paula relates to tiny people, he is larger than life, but tiny people can’t articulate their bodies as well as normal size adults, but she wants JT to feel confident. Emma has tremendous stage presence. Maddie – YG are cute, personality shines through, she understands that hip hop is not the easiest. They will get there. Twitch: nice, sweet treat of funk. They have things to work on but they are dope and he calls them the swagtarts.


Kida talks but my feed is not good. He tells a bad joke, too. As far as Ice Age, he liked the wedding with the dancing. He said they had great moves.  Kida & Fik do their thang to TRNDSTTR, it’s very good if too short.


Tahani and Jake are dancing a piece about bullying by Bonnie Story (High School Musical choreographer). Jake says he was bullied for dancing. Tahani says the technique is hard for her. Maddie says they have the find the emotional side. Tell Your Heart to Beat Again by Danny Gokey. Jake is sad, Tahani sees he’s sad and shares that feeling. They aren’t in synch, but Tahani is great, dancing with real feeling and expression. There’s a hug. I think Jake acted it well but Tahani was the better dancer by a lot. Both kids are crying as they face the judges. Paula says the found the emotional center, congrats to them and the choreographer. Technically they were on point. Maddie said they did a great job, best she’s seen them do. Twitch will go out to get the bullies. He commends them on the love and support they had for each other in that performance, the eye connection was great. He is proud of them. Nigel agrees and says he enjoyed it. He tells Tahani he adores watching her. He thought she was amazing. He also loves to see Jake dance with someone his own size, gives him some technical advice.


Ruby loves Crash and Eddie in Ice Age. I don’t know who they are and I don’t care who they are. She’s not good at jokes, but she’s going to tell a bad one, too. She dances with Paul and looks like a full grown woman next to him. How tiny is Paul, anyway? The song is  Muchacho. It’s great. Ruby has star quality on stage.


Jordan finds home videos and corny jokes funny, and guess what? She tells a bad joke. The song is either by or called Pure 4 Shure. She is dancing with Sasha, It has a hip hop/contemp fusion feel, and they look good together.


Daniela and Sheaden dance with choreographer Umario Diallo, who has a chacha for them. Sheaden is a cool dude, and Daniela is trying to get his attention. It’s not an easy dance, and Daniela is frustrated because she is not getting it fast. Maddie relates to why Daniela is upset, and says Daniela needs to calm down and let her dance speak for itself. She knows they’ll get it. Shea is having a hard time but shows a great attitude. They dance to I Love It by Icona Pop So much gyrating. Shea doesn’t have to much to do at the start, and when he gets moving, his upper body is not quite right. Side by side they are pretty good together, but his posture isn’t right. Daniela is  beautiful. Maddie says it was good, the choreo was cute and she loved Shea’s commitment, he kept up, but she commented on his hunchy posture. She says Daniela should make sure her body and face match. Twitch – Daniela is on fire, she needs the fire to bring that caliente to bring her partner in. Nigel says Shea had his personality even  if he doesn’t have the technique. Nigel thought Umario gave him good stuff to do, good job especially for a hip hop dancer. He said he never would have known Daniela had a problem. Paula agrees with everyone.


Emma likes funny faces. Sid is her favorite Ice Age character. She makes funny faces instead of telling a bad joke. She and Gabby tap to Boogie Shoes. Great pirouettes. Super cute. Emma is just terrific at what she does.


Tate and Kida are paired together for a  Nappy Tabs farmer hip hop. Maddie digs it. Kida is impressed with Tate. Everyone tries turnips, no one likes them. The song is Monolo. Tate is excellent, not as good as Kida, but still. Kida gets a sweet moment there, a little godfather of soul reference. They look like they are having a great time and Kida does a little fist pumping about how it went. Twitch: turnips are now cool. Awesome, amazing. Nigel should not do hip hop jokes. Fantastic, Tate was great, could get farther down into it. Paula says incredible, choreographers will want to work with them and they can do it. Maddie: YG are incredible. So good, and she had so much fun at the rehearsal.


Jake favorite part of  Ice Age was when Scrat turns on gravity. Out of contest, that sounds bizarre. He tries to be funny by being upbeat. Jenna and Jake dance to Ain’t your Mama by Jennifer Lopez. It’s very cute choreography, choreographed by Jenna!


National Dance Day promo.


Nick and RJ choreograph an all-stars dance. Sasha is the queen and Robert is the king? I think? Nice, precise moves but others want to keep them apart? And now the Queen is dead, and so is the king. I missed the song it was set to. It was fine, nothing too exciting.


JT and Emma now have a Spencer Liff traditional Broadway, inspired by West Side Story. Maddie says they have to keep their energy steady. It’s set to The Jet Song, Dave Grusin. They look like Newsies. It’s cute. Emma is great the whole time, JT definitely seems to lose a little energy at the end. Nigel says WSS is his fave story of all time. Loves Spencer Liff’s choreo, would like to see more connection, but he thought JT was terrific (he was good, but Emma was better). Maddie loved it and points out JT looks like a tiny old man. Twitch thought they killed it. Paula also said something, but I missed it.


Tahani up next, her fave moment is when Buff is saving the egg, she loves his eye patch. Having not seen any Ice Age movies, I’m at a loss to explain that sentence. She thinks she’s a little funny, but more funny when she’s not trying to be funny.  Pep Rally by Missy Elliott w/Comfort, she’s great. Too short, I could watch this shit all day!


Daniela liked when Sid and the other sloth fell in love. She dances with Jonathan to Marchina by DJ SLVG . It’s very spinny and the end shows off her flexibility.


Jordan and Ruby have a Dee Caspary contemp. Ruby’s parents are splitting, so Jordan is helping Ruby pick up the pieces. The emotion feels strong right away. It looks much better on stage than in rehearsal. It’s quite lovely. Paula compliments Caspary, says it was very difficult choreography, but they pulled it together. She’s impressed with how well she did outside of her genre. Beautiful. Maddie agrees 100% creative choreo, and they found their connection. Twitch says they were consistent in their commitment.


Tate and Kida’s second routine is a Nick and RJ jazz routine. Kida confesses he took some ballet classes to prepare. Kida is a hard worker. Good costumes, oh, no, except the shorts for Kida. You can see differences in flexibility for sure, but Kida is doing well out of his style. There’s a great final pose. Maddie loved the choreo, and says they look like highlighters (they do!). Think they have a good groove together, the are a good partnership. Twitch agrees, said they had a good night, they both shine. Twitch compliments the chenay turns, cautions Kida to watch the details, shape of arms, etc. Nigel not many other hip hop dancers could have done as well asl Kida did. Paula says it was incredible, fun. .


JT likes slapstick. He is sarcastic. Bad joke. Change is Everything by Son Lux. I think Robert and JT have a good connection, but I think JT is still tired from his previous dance.


Daniela and Sheaden have Broadway with a prop throne. They are a bored prince and princess, and Spencer Liff says the dance is an homage to Fosse, precise and sharp. Sheaden is trying to flex his leg as much as Daniela can. Make sure they have fun and in character. Rich Man’s Frug from Sweet Charity! Everyone should watch the original choreography, btw.. Daniela is definitely better, Shaeden is trying his best, and even though it’s not his style, he’s keeping up. Same posture problems as earlier. Twitch, cool, some great things going on. Daniela has the legs of Cyd Charisse. Nigel says Fosse was unique, and he thought the choreography was a good tribute. Paula says Fosse is one her favorites, she loved the choreo, they had fun and they brought it out. Excellent, both of them. Maddie loved everything. Even though Sheaden doesn’t have the best technique, Maddie thinks he’s amazing to watch. Cat calls them divas.


Tahani and Jake do the Jive. The story is they have just escaped from jail. Tahana is scared of the tricks and says it has to be super energetic. Maddie seems to enjoy the rehearsal. Jailhouse Rock by JLew and the Crew. It’s hard to watch Jake when Tahani is on stage. They do a great job. Nigel – personality plus, technique, Tahani wasn’t on her toes enough but he didn’t care. Paula says they should come out of their shells. Brilliant routine. Maddie, YG were so good, they make her smile. Twitch proud of Tahani’s versatility. They say it was so much fun. Tahani said Jake helped her so much.


Everyone comes out. Someone is going to get eliminated. The judges tell them they should be so proud and points out that only two of the allstars are winners of their season. Bottom 2 dancers are: Daniela & Shaeden, one of them will be going home. After discussing the judges are going to send home Daniela comes in 10th place.
I totally called both the bottom two and which one would go home, you can ask my husband.


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