SYTYCD: TNG Top 9 and Elimination

The top 9 with the all stars are up to perform to (ugh) Meghan Trainor’s (ugh) song  Me, Too. They are all in fedoras and pinstripes, boys in yellow ties, girls in pink. I wonder if Jonathan gets to stay even though Daniela went home? At first it’s just the AS, but then the kids come on and join in on the fun. Emma gets some good air on her jete. Sheaden and Kida have a moment which I think would have looked better if the camera was head on, then it’s the men, and it appears Jonathan is still there. Jenna gets a little solo. The audience screams when everyone moves in sync. Jake appears to be looking at Shea instead of doing whatever he’s supposed to be doing.


Cat hosts in a feathery dress. Brian Friedman did the opening choreo (I feel like they are recognizing the choreographers much more now). We meet the jidges again, as if we need to.


The kids will dance with all-stars again.


First up, Jake, Cat talks to him, he’s had an amazing week, he’s excited about his Samba with Jenna, and Dmitri choreo’s. I remember the one Danny and Lacey (Dancey!) did in season 3. Hopefully this one won’t be as sexy. Hip hip chin club des belugas. I have to hand it to the kid, he knows how to perform. He looks great with Jenna, and she’s so good. A little iffy on the bachacadas. This is funkier version, fast moving. Nigel thanks Dmitri and Jenya, they got engaged in addition to the choreo. Paula wants to squish him, and Jenna isn’t so bad either. Maddie says he cheeks hurt from smiling. Jason said it had Carnival all over it and that Jake owned the stage. He tries to pick up Jenna, also.


The kids have solos, too, along with a campaign speech. Tahani is up first. Doesn’t like how grownups take away their phones. Run the World (girls) Beyonce, good fit for Tahani. She’s so good.


Tate talks to Cat next. Proud grandparents. Story is about distance and time and how it separates people. Brian Friedman is the choreographer. Get Here by Oleta Adams is the music. Tate has an hourglass, which represents time, I guess, and there are silk barriers of some sort which I guess represent distance, and SO MUCH SMOKE I CAN’T SEE THEIR DAMN LEGS OR FEET! Tate disappears in the fog. It was hard to see most of it, although I’m sure they did fine. Paula thanks Brian Friedman, and he’s teary eyed. Tate is technically masterful, beautiful. Maddie thought it was incredible, she says she could hear “you guyses” breath as they breathed together. She got chills. Jason he says he wouldn’t be able to tell TNG from the Allstar, and that is not a dig at Kathryn, Tate is just that good. Nigel says she’s a step above the other dancers. She doesn’t have just great legs and feet, but something else that is special.


Sheadan makes a campaign speech, and he moonwalks in. Unlimited ice cream! Oh, for kids only. And then he dabs. His solo is set to Lean On, Major Lazer. I have a feeling he’s going to go home tonight. He’s great, but not quite up to par with the other kids.


Kida talks to Cat, he’s too cool for school. He’s nervous inside, but chill outside. He got Dave Scott this week, and he does an imitation of him, which is pretty good. Fikshun is the puppeteer and Kida is the puppet. Scott says it’s hip hop Pinocchio on Broadway, which I would see in previews before the prices went up, maybe. Maddie gets in there to puppeteer. Panda Desiigner. It’s excellent. They aren’t 100% in sync all the time, but it was terrific. Kida is special. Maddie thanks Dave Scott, she loved it. Fikshun’s hair is crazy. Clean in their movement, she wishes she had their quality – YG are so fun to watch. Jason says they’re not perfect, some level issues not addressed, need to add a little more level in his performance, he thought it was on one plane, add some fun. I feel like Jason was watching something else and I think the smiles looked choreo’d. Nigel disagrees with Jason (and agrees with me), thinks the facial expressions were part of the character, and he also is not a fan of Fikshunks hair. Paula thinks Kida is thriving, and he’s holding his own right next to Fikshun.


Ruby gives her campaign speech. We’re going to dance all day every day, all we need is dance and candy. She does her solo to The Girl’s Gone Wild by Travis Tritt. She seriously looks like an adult woman.


National Dance Day promo.


Jacki something choreographs a group routine for the kids, set to Wolf by Tailor. Tahani has a wee solo, hey manhandle JT a bit. The kids are so good, there’s a nice moment for Kida. In the back row Emma and JT look great.


JT needs a stepstool – he wants a longer summer and more pool time. Foreign relations, he doesn’t know. His solo is to Unsteady, not sure of artist. He looks like the most flexible, well coordinated toddler in the world. He dances so well for someone so tiny!


Jordan comes out to talk to Cat – she’s great, she loves her routine this week, she and Sasha are saxophone players. They had Ray Leeper, who is hiding, She says he sweats a lot. Straight up jazz, inspired by 1920s, really sassy and “saxy”, he says. Fast music, lot of moves in short time, the music is Sax, Fleur East, and it sounds way more 80s than 20s. Great costumes and lights. It moves right along and Ruby’s smile is so infectious. They are great together. Jason says super dope piece by Leeper, lot of dynamics, he enjoyed all the moments, they had fun so we had fun, they weren’t always in synch, though, which is true. Nigel doesn’t know where they breath, it got a leetle sloppy at the end, but they were both sparkling. Paula loves to see her personality, that’s a hard routine, she said watch the bent knees but the showmanship was great. Maddie says Jordan is growing, YG were just amazing.


Tate would like to be the first Canadian President of the US. The only wall between the US and Canada should be Travis Wall – Her solo is Lorikeet by The Ship Shape (which I’ll be downloading shortly), interesting music and she’s right with each little sound. She never looks hurried or like she’s trying hard, really.


How is Sheadan coping after being in the bottom last week. He said it was scary, he thinks Marko was more nervous than he was. How was rehearsal, he said it was great, tried to focus, give his A game and have fun. He wants to show he should be here. Luther Brown is the choreographer, Sheadan is the boss, he has the swag, Luther Brown loves him. Maddie says he’s a character when he dances, he needs to show who he really is. The music is Down in the DM by Yo Gotti (I think?), he’s not as polished as Marko, not as smooth, although he’s good and his expression is great. Really enjoyable. They get a standing O. Nigel loved it, the old man swag, pacemaker pulse, defribrilator liberator, Luther Brown gettin’ down, this was his fave thing Sheadon’s done. Paula says he’s a little soul, he’s very smart with his performance, his face is authentic with the movement, the joy is contagious. Maddie totally agrees, best he’s ever done, stupid how good he is. Jason says he did it. You were in the bottom and now he showed him. Those little nuances were great, it takes a lot to be that cool and suave. They are adorable together running off. I still think he’s going home tonight.


Emma’s campaign speech, day where you could do something good for the world – that’s good, she could win. There would also be Tapping Tuesday. The music is Expensive by Tori Kelly and someone else who’s name was gone before I caught it. What to say, she’s just awesome and her timing is always perfect.


Allstars routine by Travis Wall – Send in the Clowns sung by Sarah Vaughn. I think this was prerecorded since there is no screaming. Kathryn is tossed around like a doll.  But now she’s a clown like everyone else. It’s a little creepy, actually. But good, and excellently performed.


Cat talks to Ruby, who likes Cat’s dress. She worked with Miriam and Leonardo and there were a lot of bugs in the room (insect bugs, I’m assuming). Argentine Tango, Paul is trying to pass the Tango legacy to his younger sister. Ruby says it is not the tango she’s used to. Lots of ganchos have her abusing Paul’s legs. Maddie thought the rehearsal was great, the footwork was amazing. The music: Malevo Electro Dub Tango. Lovely costuming for the story. Really nice lift, It was sweet, well performed. Standing O. Paula thanks the choreographers, they were wonderful together. Well done! Maddie says Ruby is incredible, the footwork is crazy, and it didn’t look like a new style to Ruby. Jason agrees, he said it put him a vacation mood. He asks what was the hardest, she said the footwork, and that she kicked Paul a lot. Nigel said it was beautiful, he was transported. I wasn’t quite transported, but it made me smile.


Jordan makes her campaign speech. Root beer every day, wear pajamas all the time. Her solo is set to Confident by Demi LOvato. It’s a cute choreo, not as overloaded as her previous one.


Cat talks to Tahani next. What does she miss while being on the show. Seeing her family, her brother, even her brother, leaves his cereal bowl. She and Comfort are doing a dance hall piece where Tahani is the annoying little sister who wants to do everything big sister Comfort is doing. Maddie can relate although she says her sister is more annoying. Loure Courtellemont us the choregrapher. It’s Jamaican, and Tahani says she has to get into the vibe. Set to Get Busy by Sean Paul. Comfort looks gorgeous. Tahani always looks like she’s having a great time. She dances while in backbend. It was really good. Maddie loved the choreo, first time dance hall was done on show, they were perfect. Jason said it was dope, and calls the choreographer Sean Paul. This is his life. He gets all Jamaican. Nigel loved it. Paula says well done.


Why should you vote for Jake? He’s starting the pizza party, with a one day a week for dancing day, he wants to make America Jake again. It’s a Man’s, Man’s Man’s etc. World, didn’t catch the artist, but it was definitely not James Brown. Jake is all suave. Well done.


Chat with JT and Cat, youngest SYTYCD contestant in history. He’s doing amazing (but not grammatically correct). Choreographed by Travis Wall, he was so excited inside but cool in the outside. He does a Travis impression, it’s very cute. Robert feels like he has no purpose in life, he sees his younger self in the mirror, and it’s JTs job is to make Robert remember who he was and how to make good choices again. Maddie says wow during rehearsal. The music is The Mirror by Alexandre Desplat (j’adore! downloading!). It’s very moving, and JT does a fantastic job of equalling Robert in movement and feeling. Robert pulls JT through the mirror and it’s beautiful. Stage magic, the mirror is replaced by a real mirror. It made me cry. Jason says wow, Travis inspires the world with his work, he tells JT he makes a grown man emotional. Bravo. Nigel, thinks Travis will get nominated again. Jon Parry the camera man also did a great job. He says they’re a great pair, and he brought something special out in both of them. Stunning routine. Brilliantly danced. Paula says applause was created for a moment like that. She thinks JT is learning from Robert, steps are steps, but what you bring to it is most important. Maddie says Travis is so amazing. Maddie says he’s not just a cute little kid and she expects he will go far. I’ll admit, it made me cry.


Vote for Kida, who wants to replace water with orange juice, and why don’t we only eat pizza. I’m with you on the pizza, my friend, but orange juice gives me a rash. Lazarus by someone, I’m sure. I think Kida’s showmanship has grown. He does his thang, which he does so well.


Emma and Cat chat. Difficult this week. In her tap duet with Gabby, has to put the cute side away and be strong and fierce. Chloe Arnold is the choreographer. Emma loves it, it’s sassy and fast. Salute by Little Mix. Not 100 percent in synch, but very good, especially on the fast part. Great job. Nigel loves tap, he loves what Chloe Arnold did, stepping, hip hop and fast tap. He loves them, too. Some of the cleanest taps Paula has heard. Fierce, focused and fabulous. Maddie. YG are amazing, she loves tap, Emma is sassy. Jason said both this and her solo were great.
Now everyone comes out and there will be an elimination. I think Sheadan is going, he had a great night tonight but everyone voted last week. Ruby and Sheadan are at the bottom. The judges will deliberate. Judges have decided to place Sheadan in 9th place. Sheaden is leaving us, Ruby stays. Cat gives him a pep talk, he’s trying not to cry. Oh, man, Marko is crying, Sasha is crying, Ruby is crying, Maddie is crying, everyone’s crying! I hate the part where they send kids home.


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