Vacation/Not Vacation

Greetings! I have been on vacation/not vacation; that is, I have been away from work and home but not really on vacation, since I was helping my daughter move back to college in another state and then visiting my other daughter how just moved to a completely different state with her husband and beautiful brand new twin daughters, and then going to a conference for my primary paying job, so I haven’t been home and I haven’t been watching TV, or reading, or really anything other than driving and sleeping and sitting in classrooms and sleeping.

In the world of TV, I’m trying desperately to figure out if there is a way to watch season 3 of You’re the Worst when you don’t have cable.

Also, you should watch season 3 of You’re the Worst, and if you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2 yet, you should watch those on Hulu. You will not be sorry.


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