Luke Cage

My husband and I have been watching 2 episodes of Luke Cage a night for the past couple of nights. Like all Marvel shows, I love the framing of shots, the use of color and light – it’s a beautiful looking show that evokes the comic book origins.

But the music on this show will keep me going on. It’s so good I find it distracting. I need the soundtrack. There is a Spotify playlist but I’m not a huge fan of Spotify, I’d rather buy the songs and have them on my iPod permanently. (Using the word permanently in association with my iPod feels like tempting fate…let’s say I like having it portable and without advertising interruption). I would like there to be a real Harlem’s Paradise where I can go see these people perform.

Mahershala Ali has a fantastic face, you can see the child he was in that face, while seeing the menace of a man who craves power. I wasn’t sure about Simone Missick, but I’m all in now, she’s a terrific Misty Knight. I like seeing Ron Cephas Jones, too, and he’s been popping up all over the place, on This Is Us, Mr. Robot…I’m excited to see a guy whose been around a long time suddenly being extremely visible.


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