Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I adored season 1 wholeheartedly, but when season 2 started, I felt the palpable loss of budget was dragging things down a bit. This week’s episode, though, “When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?” was fantastic. I am so, so sad to lose Santino Fontana and Greg, but I’m excited to see Rebecca and Heather as roommates.

Most amazing of all was the treatment of Paula’s abortion. Donna Lynn Champlain should be nominated for every award under the sun for her portrayal of Paula Proctor. Not just because of the unplanned pregnancy storyline, but oh, man, I have lived her life in many ways, and as a woman only slightly older, I recognize how devastating an unplanned pregnancy can be when you’re getting ready to move past the role of mother and caretaker.

I leave you with an accurate summation of Greg and Rebecca’s relationship (as much as I loved them together):


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