Re-Watching: Community

I was a huge fan of the show Community when it was on the air (that’s a term that has lost it’s meaning, I guess), and I was sad when it was canceled after 6 seasons (still waiting for the movie). The recent election put me into a funk and I was seeking a respite from the news, which I can’t quit but which leaves me blue, so I started first re-watching Gilmore Girls, but stopped when the new episodes came out (more on that at some point down the road), and then I decided to re-watch Community instead.

This show is better the second time around, and since it was fucking amazing the first time, that means everyone should watch it again. Or watch it for the first time and then watch it again. I was particularly taken with the season 3 Christmas episode this time, where Christmas cheer is a heinous virus spread through music, in particular the homage to Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This captures my bah humbug feelings about this holiday (to put in context, I have a part-time job as a cantor and choir section leader, and we started singing Christmas songs BEFORE November started, so by the time December rolls around, I am full on sick and tired of Christmas. And that’s before Christmas Eve, when I sing at three different services -the last of which STARTS at midnight- and a concert. And to add context, I’m an atheist who spends way too much time in a church.)

When the show was on, I found Chang really annoying, but I’m actually enjoying him this time around.



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