This post is about the excellent new animated TV show Trollhunters (available on Netflix), not the also excellent Norwegian movie Trollhunter. You should watch both of them.

Guillermo del Toro, who has given us gems that I am too afraid to watch (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Devil’s Backbone), but also Hellboy, has created a really fun animated series, the first season of which is available on Netflix. The show has a hint of tragedy attached to it, as the actor voicing our hero, Jim, was Anton Yelchin, who was one of the many actors who died this year. Jim is the first human to ever be selected by an amulet to be a troll hunter. In this world, there are good trolls, and bad trolls. The good trolls call the bad trolls “gum-gums”, which sounds cute but means something much more terrifying, and those are the trolls that the troll hunter hunts. (I was very happy they explained that, because it was a question I had as I watched the first two episodes.

Jim is a mensch, right off the bat. His mother is a doctor and is working crazy hours, so he takes care of her. He has some serious culinary skills, and makes lunch for himself, his mother, and his best friend Toby. He stands up for the bullied, at risk to himself, and this is before he knows he’s a troll hunter.

I’m about halfway through the first season, and I’m finding this a delightful way to pass a half an hour while dinner is cooking.


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