I’ve been quiet

It’s not because I’m not still watching too much TV.

I’m just doing other things in the outside world, too. The election threw me, and I decided I’ve been far too lazy of a citizen, so I joined a political action group to resist the Trump administration and help good people get elected in my state.

So I’m behind on all kinds of shit!

But I am still out here, talking to the void. Looking forward to checking out World of Dance, as long as I can fast-forward through all the talking parts and only watch the dancing parts; I’m savoring every sweet and bloody minute of American Gods, and contemplating getting Showtime so I can also have my subconscious commune with David Lynch in the new Twin Peaks. I’m all caught up on Jane the Virgin, watched all of Legion, and I’m woefully far behind on Legends of Tomorrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hope all is well with you in the void!


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