I love music, books and movies, but television is perhaps the most omnipresent and cheapest form of entertainment I have in my life, besides watching my cat play in a box. Actually, one of my favorite things to do is watch my cat watch TV – she loves nature programs. I used to be an active participant in many boards on Mighty Big TV and Television Without Pity, and I like to talk about what I’m watching (or reading or listening to), but I find most online content regarding TV discussions is about shows I don’t watch because they are on premium channels or shows I don’t watch because they aren’t shows I like. So I’m talking about them here, even though I may only be talking to myself.

Below: evidence of my cat’s TV viewing habits. Upper left: Madouc watching Leopard Fight Club; right side: Madouc watching the Deep Sea episode of Planet Earth; lower left: Madouc watching a different episode of Planet Earth (Jungles?)