One of the things I love about TV today (versus the old days when we had 3 channels on a clear day) is that there is so much you can find out there. Most of it is not great, but last night I found an Australian series called Laid, and I watched the first two episodes and enjoyed it. I’m not going to call it great , but it was weird and sometimes that’s all I need to be entertained.

The main character in Laid is named Roo, she runs market research panels, and in the first episode she finds out that a former boyfriend (well, not really, but they slept together at uni) has died of a kava overdose. She decides to attend his funeral where it’s quite clear that his feelings for her were significantly more serious than hers were for him. She catches up with another fellow she’s slept with, but he gets mad at her when she tries to kiss him and gets out of the car – and then is promptly hit by an unseen vehicle and thrown onto the windshield of the taxi Roo is in, dying on the spot.

Over the two episodes, it becomes clear that this is not just coincidence, all the men she has slept with are dying. Roo’s roomate, EJ, starts making a list of the men Roo has slept with and the order in which they have died, so far. Roo visits a….well, I can’t say doctor, he was waving his hands over her vagina in some kind of energy ritual, but…let’s just leave it at “Roo visits not a doctor”. Since he’s not a doctor and whatever is going on doesn’t seem like a problem that could be fixed medically, he does nothing.

She gets drunk at a club and has sex with her roommate’s ex-boyfriend, so looks like the deaths will continue!

There are only 12 episodes, so it’s a small commitment, I’ll keep watching until/unless I am no longer entertained.