Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I adored season 1 wholeheartedly, but when season 2 started, I felt the palpable loss of budget was dragging things down a bit. This week’s episode, though, “When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?” was fantastic. I am so, so sad to lose Santino Fontana and Greg, but I’m excited to see Rebecca and Heather as roommates.

Most amazing of all was the treatment of Paula’s abortion. Donna Lynn Champlain should be nominated for every award under the sun for her portrayal of Paula Proctor. Not just because of the unplanned pregnancy storyline, but oh, man, I have lived her life in many ways, and as a woman only slightly older, I recognize how devastating an unplanned pregnancy can be when you’re getting ready to move past the role of mother and caretaker.

I leave you with an accurate summation of Greg and Rebecca’s relationship (as much as I loved them together):


New Series’ I’m Trying Out

This Is Us – schmoopy, schmaltzy, weeper. I’m not sure if I like it, but I’m enjoying it. I can have a little cry. My opinion is not yet settled.

The Good Place – I’m not entirely sure where it’s going, but I’m there for the ride. Kristen Bell will always be on my good side because of Veronica Mars; Ted Danson could not be more delightful, William Jackson Harper has some amazing comic delivery, Jameela Jamil is perfect and insecure, Manny Jacinto is hilarious and D’Arcey Carden is perfect as Janet.

Speechless – I’m not sure about this. I love Minnie Driver, I love Cedric Yarborough, I like all the kids, but I’m not sure.

American Housewife – there is something I don’t like about it.

Luke Cage

My husband and I have been watching 2 episodes of Luke Cage a night for the past couple of nights. Like all Marvel shows, I love the framing of shots, the use of color and light – it’s a beautiful looking show that evokes the comic book origins.

But the music on this show will keep me going on. It’s so good I find it distracting. I need the soundtrack. There is a Spotify playlist but I’m not a huge fan of Spotify, I’d rather buy the songs and have them on my iPod permanently. (Using the word permanently in association with my iPod feels like tempting fate…let’s say I like having it portable and without advertising interruption). I would like there to be a real Harlem’s Paradise where I can go see these people perform.

Mahershala Ali has a fantastic face, you can see the child he was in that face, while seeing the menace of a man who craves power. I wasn’t sure about Simone Missick, but I’m all in now, she’s a terrific Misty Knight. I like seeing Ron Cephas Jones, too, and he’s been popping up all over the place, on This Is Us, Mr. Robot…I’m excited to see a guy whose been around a long time suddenly being extremely visible.


Fleabag is a new comedy offered on Amazon Prime, starring and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is our heroine, our filthy minded, possibly depressed, beautiful, awkward protagonist. I have only watched the first episode, but only because I don’t want it to be over yet and there are only 6 episodes so that’s an afternoon for me. I’m trying to be abstinent for a while so there is good stuff to look forward to. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is stunning and has great – no, amazing – lipstick and a speaking voice that I can’t get enough of. Her performance is peppered with asides, which is something I do in my writing, and it’s Shakespeare approved, so I’m down.

Recommend with enthusiasm!

Vacation/Not Vacation

Greetings! I have been on vacation/not vacation; that is, I have been away from work and home but not really on vacation, since I was helping my daughter move back to college in another state and then visiting my other daughter how just moved to a completely different state with her husband and beautiful brand new twin daughters, and then going to a conference for my primary paying job, so I haven’t been home and I haven’t been watching TV, or reading, or really anything other than driving and sleeping and sitting in classrooms and sleeping.

In the world of TV, I’m trying desperately to figure out if there is a way to watch season 3 of You’re the Worst when you don’t have cable.

Also, you should watch season 3 of You’re the Worst, and if you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2 yet, you should watch those on Hulu. You will not be sorry.

SYTYCD Top 8 and Elimination

Last show before 2 week summer vacation! Toy Repair! Ain’t Playing With Ya by District 9. Everyone is a toy! Tate is a ballerina, Tahani is front and center. Kida gets a moment. I can’t tell who is who except for JT because he’s the smallest. Cat Dealy is sparkly. That was choreographed by Pharcyde and Phoenix. Tonight the kids will dance with each other and with their all-start. Cat intros the jidges, you know who they are (talking to myself, since I’m pretty sure no one else will read this).


Gabby and Emma work with Anthony Morigerato again. Pure tap, push technique to the limits. Maddie said he’s a great choreographer. They are shaking the building. Walk Like An Egyptian by The Puppini Sisters! Hey, my a cappella group does that! Cool lighting! These kids are learning how to work the cameras, for sure. The dance was terrific. Nigel said they were made for each other. Compliments to the choreographer – no gimmicks, just tap technique. Paula says she is prime for television, she’s a star. Maddie agrees, thought the whole routine was just great. Jason says she’s getting greater and greater, because she’s focused on getting better.

Jason has a new song which is part of the movie Storks and I don’t care enough to keep writing about it.


Tahani & Comfort worked with Tabitha and Napoleon. Narrative based hip hop. Comfort is the mom, Tahani is the daughter, and husband/dad walked out. There is a wall between them, they have to feel each other through the wall. Maddie said it will be cool to see them do an emotional piece. Set to I’m Going Down by Rose Royce. I don’t like the spinning camera work here, because I want to see them both at once. Tahani is the better actress of the two. Nappytabs are happy, standing O. Cat got chills. Paula offers congrats to choreographer, Tahani is crying. This is her favorite performance by Tahani. Perfect pairing. Maddie agrees, she can relate to the dance, their commitment is insane, Tahani brings something extra. Jason loves the vulnerable side of hip hop. Nigel is amazed by how much emotion can come out of a hip hop piece. Tahani gives 100% always, and she’s one of his favorite.


National Dance Day thing.


Ruby and Paul do a Paso Doble with Jean Marc Generaux. Ruby is excited, it’s a fight. JM says not a fight, but a confrontation. We’ll see who comes out on top. Paul says if it was a real fight, Ruby would win. Maddie is excited for Ruby to show this style. Music is Echelon by Jack Trammell. Nice opening pose, nice lighting (seriously, the lighting folks are killing it this season). Her face is kind of weird in this one, it’s hard to see her expressions, and it appears her hair is kind of falling apart, but the dancing looks good. Jidges are standing. Maddie loves Jean Marc, and says YG are a phenomenal pair together. Jason says she is fighter, there were beautiful lines. Her hair *is* falling apart. Nigel agrees, formidable JM. Superb to Paul, and he gives Ruby credit because Paul has to keep up with her. Paula says it was an aggressive, hard routine, and she handled it well. She’s enjoying watching Ruby perform.


Jordan and Jake joined Pharcyde and Phoenix in a drumline hip hop routine. Jake can’t smile in this one, which is hard for him. The song is Bad Man by Missy Elliott, Ruby is sharper but Jake is holding his own, some cool moves in the choreo. Jordan carries Jake over to Cat. Jason thought it was fun, a lot of moments. He could tell Jordan feels more comfortable but Jake has some swag in him, too. Nigel says Jake had him hype, it was dope and fresh. Jake has to get down more, get Comfort to show him the stank personality. He says it’s great to see Jordan’s personality coming out. Paula says there have been no bad routines, they are all doing well, Maddie totally agrees.


Milky Way, I believe that is the dumbest commercial I’ve ever seen. Fire your advertising agency.


Tahani and JT are doing the cha cha, with Emma and Sasha. They are playing models on the red carpet.  Difficult footwork, and JT wants to show that he’s well rounded. Bom Bom Sam and the Womp. Jt can in fact shake his hips. Tahani is acting the crap out of it. It’s very cute and I’d wager better than many of the adult dancers have done when they tried to dance chacha out of their style. Nigel asks how many ballroom lessons, JT said he’s had 10 lesson, Tahani says maybe 7. Neither one of them really have it. They need to get more of the basics, he gives some constructive criticism regarding his derriere. Cat likes his little butt. Paula says she can’t keep her eyes off of them, they could see the lack of training but so enjoyable to watch them, and they’re going to keep improving. Maddie ITAs, thinks they will be great with more practice, but thought their performance made up for any technique issues. Jason’s proud of them.


Jordan dances with Sasha, a Sean Cheeseman piece, inspired by his father, who is very sick. They want to do justice to it. Jordan needs to focus more. She wants to make him proud. Maddie is confident that Jordan will get it. Sean hopes his dad can see the dance. Set to Amazing Grace by Harlem Gospel Choir. Wind machine, they are both visions in white. Some nice connections. Cool lift and the end is lovely. Paula thought the routine was beautiful, they shined, and this is her genre and she was gorgeous, lots of emotion. Maddie said it was beautiful, the simplicity, and Jordan was great. Jason congrats them for dancing to an a cappella song, said they seemed like one being at various points. Nigel said Sasha must be pleased with her choice. The compliment each other beautifully, she’s finding the emotions. Sasha is so proud of her.


KFC’s advertising department is on drugs, probably.


Jake & Jenna do Jive with Jean Marc. It’s a football themed jive, naturally. Lots of tricks, very technical. Maddie says wow. Dance is a full contact sport. The music is Land of 1000 Dances by the great Wilson Pickettt. Jake is jiving with actual football gear on.  Everyone seems pleased with it. Maddie loved Jean Marc’s choreo, Jakes partner work gets better every week – the partnered cartwheel was special. Jason says Jake brings something exciting and fun to watch. Jason wants his football jersey. This is where he shines, it’s uplifting. Paula says they’re a great couple and he’s very enjoyable to watch as a performer.


Emma and Tate do a Broadway number with Sean Cheeseman. They are troublemakers in detention. They aren’t allowed to be cute in this number, it’s all about being tough. They sing Trouble from Smokey Joe’s Cafe, a fun little blues riff. Schoolgirl uniforms. It’s cute, they aren’t totally in sync with each other, though. Jason thanks Sean for the choreography. They were outside of their element, they put their all in, it was fun to watch, but it wasn’t their best ever. Nigel thought they sat nicely in the groove of the music. Paula, really cute, they had fun, she could see it in School of Rock or something (is it because of the school uniforms and the music? Gosh, what a leap to make!). Maddie loves the routine, and it showed how versatile they are in different styles.


Ruby and Kida are working with Mandy Moore on a contemporary piece about looking to one another for help and support. She wants it to beautiful and emotional. They have to find the connection even though they are both out of their styles. They are dancing to Over the Rainbow by Shawn MacDonald. Beautiful lighting again. Ruby looks very comfortable, but Kida is actually doing an amazing job of feeling the style. It’s really lovely and sweet and I’m impressed with both of them. Standing O. Kida is emotional. Nigel said they danced beautifully, he thinks Kida is a joy, he’s growing. Nigel says to think about his breathing, choreograph his breathing. Ruby he felt all the way through. They were beautiful. Paula says that’s how it’s done, she was swept away, she didn’t see them as children, but as two beautiful dancers. She’s impressed and proud of Kida. Ruby takes her breath away, her lines were exquisite, and she loves Mandy’s choreography. Maddie – YG are phenom dancers, lines were gorgeous. Jason said they seemed like they were in their element even when they’re outside their element. Suggests Kida points his toes more.


All Stars with Tyce Diorio routine to A Star In A Stoneboat by the Kevin Keller Trio. I guess they’re in a snowglobe? Is there snow on stage or is that just an effect for TV? Looks like it’s actually there. As usual with Tyce it’s kind of a mess, too much happening at once. He’s not my favorite.


JT and Robert dance with Mandy Moore on a jazz number. The choreography is just about celebrating the dynamic duo. JT says he has to push harder. Maddie says it’s good to see him smile after a couple of weeks of more emotional routines. Friend Like Me from Aladdin by Ne Yo, it’s really cute and JT is great. Robert throws him way up in the air at one point. Paula said if you’re having a bad day, watch that routine over and over again. She said she could see that in a Broadway show. Maddie says they were great, they always wow her. Jason says he was in his element and it was amazing and fun to see. Nigel says they are great together, great partnership. He said to check out Shirley Temple & Bojangles, they have that kind of magic together.

Kida and Fikshun and Misha Gabriel, they are funky bees, better than the rest of the hive. Maddie has glasses and antenna. She says they like to misbeehive. The Buzz by Heritude, et al. Fikshun has a little of the groove at the beginning. It’s pretty fast moving and there is a very cool assisted flip. Really fun routine. Misha is happy. Harry Potter meets Bug’s life. Maddie loved it, so amazing. Jason says entertainment at its finest. Nigel Un-BEE-lievable, there will be social media buzz. Paula says great job, keep it going. Teamwork makes dreamwork. They show off their special handshake.

Tate and Kathryn and Travis Wall. It’s going to be complex, Kathryn is her birth mother, but she doesn’t have her shit together. Maddie says she has to pull from something she hasn’t experienced before. Travis said he would have done this with adult dancers. Set to She Used to be Mine, Sara Bareilles (it’s a song from her music for the musical Waitress). Tate is so strong. It was beautifully done, but honestly, I was told it would rip my heart out, and I didn’t feel it. Jason says amazing piece by Travis Wall, accomplished what you wanted. Nigel thanked Sara Bareilles TAte is so wonderful. Kathryn is one of the best actresses she’s ever had, that means a lot, she can learn that from Kathryn. Paula says Travis’ chore is like a voice that heals. Tate is a gift, she has become an emotionally connected exquisite. Maddie Travis is incredible, she thinks this might be the best dance of the compe. She is proud of Tate. Well done.


Bottom 2 will be going home tonight. I’m going to guess Ruby and Jordan or Ruby and Jake. Nope. Jordan and Jake. I’m bummed about Jordan. Jake is still smiling but he’s not happy. I hate this part!